Recently, some attention was focused on a particular billboards advertising a recently released X men movie.

It was decided by a particular celebrity and some others that this was not acceptable advertising because, it could serve as a trigger for women who are victims of abuse. Not surprisingly, the movie company’s PR people went into damage control mode, removed the ads and apologized. Now do I have the ability to tell what is and is not a trigger for an individualal victim? No. Because I’m not them.
Flash forward to more recent events. No doubt the name Brock Turner has turned up in your news feed and perhaps even his photo. You know. The one where he’s got the big stupid grin on his face? Yeah I’m sure you’ve seen it. What you may also have seen are requests from friends and friends of friends to “make it go viral” in order to “teach this guy a lesson”. To which I respond, seriously??
We freak out about a still shot from a comic book movie that everyone KNOWS will have some violence in it, because it might make some a little uncomfortable.
Newsflash people. Here’s what most likely WILL trigger a panic. When the victims, yes I said victims because you know damn well she probably wasn’t his first, are continually barraged with the image of the guy who raped them!