My Review of Tomorrowland

As should be plainly obvious by the title of this post, I went to see Walt Disney Picture’s Tomorrowland. To let the cat out of the bag early, yes I enjoyed it. But more than that I found it to be inspiring. I don’t need to remind people that movies and TV shows about Dystopian and hopeless futures are popular nowadays. Hunger Games, Insurgent, Walking Dead, etc.. None bad in terms of entertainment and perhaps shedding some light on improvements to be made to society in real life. But still, focusing on depressing circumstances all the time does not a good future make.

Without giving specific plot away I can say the basic premise of the movie is that all the great minds of the past few hundred years, have worked on a way to bring about all their amazing inventions and ideas into what could be described as an alternate future. They work on these ideas without the interruption of bureaucracy, the lack of budget, or special interest groups. With that kind of freedom they are able to build a fantastic futuristic society based on hope and knowledge.

Our protagonist Casey Newton (Britt Robertson) finds her way into this world by way of a very unique pin. She then encounters an unusual young girl named Athena (Raffey Cassidy) who is much more than she appears and Frank Walker (George Clooney) who, as a boy, was also a visitor to this place. I will say no more of the movie’s specifics in order to remain spoiler free. I will however say this. The feeling of hope this film gave me was one I’ve not felt from a piece of entertainment in quite some time. And hope is a dangerous thing. Hope gets people motivated. Motivation makes stuff happen and that causes change and change can be frightening. Let’s get frightened together.